NWDHurricanesMississippi’s Disaster: What Happened after Hurricane Zeta

Mississippi’s Disaster: What Happened after Hurricane Zeta

Did you hear about Hurricane Zeta and its impact on Mississippi? The largest hurricane disaster in 15 years! The team of NWD has made up an article for you. Continue reading to know all.

President Donald Trump said the disaster on New Year’s Eve, requiring federal intervention to recover and support South Mississippi states coming back from the most serious hurricane to hit the region since August 2005 (Hurricane Katrina). The report covers Stone, Hancock, George, Greene, Harrison, Jackson counties, taking and applying governmental funds for repairs and minimum-interest mortgages for citizens and businessmen.

According to White House information, in mentioned counties, officers additionally can call for public support to help cover emergency work and renovations of public buildings that have been damaged.

Reeves made a post on Twitter on New Year’s morning. The tweet was about the disaster declaration, which homeowners and state officials have feared and mostly expected. Alabama states accepted a federal declaration about disasters on Dec. 10 for Zeta consequences.

The Aid of the Government

Reeves says thanks to the president. Hurricane Zeta created landfall on 28th October with wind gusts over 100 mph and 8 feet of storm surge affecting areas of Southeast Mississippi. More than $10 million were documented in damage to individual homes by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. Also, about $79 million granted to fight against damages to public infrastructure.

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