NWDLightningsMassive Rainfalls Damages Some Buildings in UK

Massive Rainfalls Damages Some Buildings in UK

rainfall in uk

Severe thunderstorms damaged several buildings across the UK on 16 June. In the northwest, southwest, and central parts of England, it rained up to 50 mm within three hours. The average rainfall in the UK in June is 62 mm.

Several houses in Merseyside, Birmingham, and Sheffield caught fire after lightning. Emergency Services received reports of damage to the roofs of residential buildings during the storm. One house was short-circuited after a powerful lightning strike, causing a TV to explode.

Firefighting teams responded to all calls, evacuated citizens, and saved property. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

According to the UK Meteorological Service, the weather in England will be changeable in the first half of July. Periods of rainfall will alternate with weeks of drought.

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