NWDEarthquakesMagnitude 6.2 Earthquake Left $ 10 Million in Damage in Northern California

Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Left $ 10 Million in Damage in Northern California

Northern California Earthquake

This year, California was included in the statistics of the top places discussed for natural disasters. And the southern part did not have time to recover from the strong fires caused by Santa Ana Winds, as on Monday in northern California there was a magnitude 6.2 earthquake. It caused huge shocks that scared people. But, fortunately, everything cost only minor damage.

The epicenter was located off the coast about 210 miles northwest of San Francisco. No evacuation was reported, but some roads were closed due to landslides. According to preliminary data, the damage is estimated at less than $ 10 million. The disaster united people and many came to clean groceries and other shops from the effects of the earthquake, and the landslides on the streets are being handled by the authorities.

There have been earthquakes in this area before, but with casualties. According to the meteorological service, an earthquake of such force can bring more destruction, but fortunately, no reports of severe injuries were received!

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