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Hurricanes Mar.25.2020

Is there any limit for the hurricane’s strength?

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The hurricane’s strength is measured with a 5-point scale, according to the international rating system. The minimum and maximum values vary between 75 mph and 160 mph.

But can the maximum value be higher than acclaimed?

Recent research has shown that it can be. And it can be significantly higher than the current maximum.

Global warming is the reason of that. Water warming can increase that limit indefinitely since the power of a hurricane depends on the amount of warm water it consumes.

Water temperature in the ocean has increased by 0.2 degrees Celsius in recent decades. And this rising will not stop due to the increasing of greenhouse effect caused by human activity.

And unregulated use of resources and carbon and methane emissions can have devastating consequences.

The potential power of the hurricane has no limit due to the warming of the World Ocean. The power limit is 190 mph which depends on current conditions of the planet. These include total water volume, ocean surface area and atmospheric conditions.

Global warming is capable to change this limit. Some scientists believe that the maximum power will increase by five percent each time the ocean temperature rises by one degree Celsius.

Further calculations are useless as beyond 160 mph limit the destruction from the storm remain the same. This means that the damage from the 6th category hurricane will be the same as from the 5th hurricane.

Nevertheless, the study leaves no doubt. The maximum power of a hurricane depends only on external conditions. The higher the temperature is, the stronger the hurricane will be. This makes the problem of global warming more urgent than ever.

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