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Floods Apr.01.2020

Indonesia faces terrible rainfalls

indonesia faces terrible rainfalls

The capital of Indonesia was covered with a series of heavy rains. Jakarta has lost about fifty of its inhabitants in the wake of the rapid flooding in early January.

Water currents covered significant part of the capital, flooding many homes and households. Around half a million residents were rendered homeless and evacuated.

The abnormal force of the rain was the cause of this disaster. They were caused by the greenhouse effect which is a consequence of global warming.

The flood was so severe that rescue workers could only find the victims after the water had receded. The dilapidated and unstable buildings in the poor part of the city caused many casualties.

The poor planning of the urban areas and the lack of coordination of public services made the rescue operation much more difficult.

The maximum water level was about six meters. New rainfall is expected in the coming months so rescuers are installing water pumps for subsequent pumping of running water.

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