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NWDHurricanesThe Worst Natural Disaster in NY! Hurricane Sandy Blackout from Space and Other Facts!

The Worst Natural Disaster in NY! Hurricane Sandy Blackout from Space and Other Facts!

hurricane sandy connecticut

Superstorm Sandy Anniversary Facts

Hurricane Sandy was one of the most powerful tropical cyclones that formed in late October 2012, affecting the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, the coast of Florida, and, later on, becoming increasingly powerful and growing into a super-hurricane, Sandy struck the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. The three northeastern U.S. states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut sustained the heaviest damage. In 2012, this was the 18th tropical cyclone to get its own name and the tenth such cyclone in the Atlantic. Hurricane Sandy is considered the strongest hurricane of this hurricane season. It formed on October 22 and became a tropical storm in six hours. It then began to move slowly northward toward the Greater Antilles, continuing to gain strength. Hurricane Sandy was the second-most powerful hurricane to hit the southeast of the United States in the summer of 2005, after Katrina, considered the most devastating in all of US history. Considering the Hurricane Sandy size comparison, it is clear that the superstorm is not the biggest one in US history, however, it has created huge destruction and economic losses for states and the county as such.

The raging monster is how all the news media described Hurricane Sandy, which caused much unrest and destruction in more than five countries. The hurricane struck these countries in late 2012. All along its path, from beginning to end, the hurricane caused deadly flooding (Hurricane Sandy Long Beach NY), whirlwinds and high winds, landslides, and ground shifts. Areas from the Caribbean to as far east as the eastern United States. Interestingly, Hurricane Sandy in Long Beach was a hurricane with an unusual combination of cold fronts along with hurricane conditions, making it one of the most terrifying hurricanes.

Causes and Formation of the Hurricane Sandy Ct

long beach hurricane sandy

On October 22, in the fall of 2012, Sandy originated and, in exactly six hours, developed into a tropical storm in the ocean. From there, it headed north to the Greater Antilles. As it made its way, the storm only gained more and more power. Within two days, on October 24, Sandy had already developed into a Saffir-Simpson Grade 1 hurricane and hit Jamaica. Next in its path was Cuba, where the hurricane, gaining second-degree hurricane strength, caused irreparable damage to infrastructure and claimed dozens of lives. Further, the hurricane has calmed down a little and its strength dropped to the first degree, with which it struck the Bahamas. After the Bahamas, the hurricane weakened and became a storm again, but before hitting the U.S. coast, it again acquired degree 2 on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, and it was with such power that the United States met this unwelcome guest.

That was a Hurricane Sandy map before it hit the South American continent. Ten North American states were threatened by Hurricane Sandy, the most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic. The government was concerned about public safety. The day before Hurricane Sandy hit the U.S., former President Barack Obama warned of the high danger that was coming to the country. U.S. President Barack Obama, in a televised address on October 29, Monday, urged residents on the nation’s east coast to take local authorities’ orders seriously as Hurricane Sandy approached and not to resist Hurricane Sandy evacuations orders. “If they tell you to evacuate, don’t argue,” he said. According to Obama, if people are not promptly taken to a safe place, the consequences of the disaster could be fatal for them.

At dawn on October 30, 2012, Hurricane Sandy was already close to the East Coast of the United States. It threatened the well-being and, more importantly, the lives of nearly 70 million Americans. The American government used all possible resources to prepare for this natural disaster. To reduce the risks, the Hurricane Sandy evacuation was held in New York City, and nearly 400,000 residents were asked to leave their homes and move to safer cities closer to the center of the country. A state of emergency was declared in Pennsylvania because of Hurricane Sandy in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy in Massachusetts, Virginia, Rhode Island, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. Toward the end of the day, October 30 – approaching the territory of the United States, the storm reached maximum power, turning into a so-called Superstorm, the associated winds gusts reached 80 miles per hour. The storm caused high tides and torrential downpours.

A total of 33 people were victims of the tropical storm in the United States and Canada. More than seven million Americans sat without power. Amazingly, NASA satellites have captured the Hurricane Sandy blackout from space, where the whole East Coast of the USA was dark. Search the web to see these incredible shots made by NASA. In preparation for the storm, people bought up all the batteries, generators, water, and other essentials in stores. Residents along the East Coast say they have never seen anything like Hurricane Sandy, Virginia before.

The storm canceled more than 20,000 flights and paralyzed the east-coast rail service. New York and New Jersey were particularly hard hit, being declared a disaster zone.

Hurricane Sandy Weather Channel Forecast

hurricane sandy long beach ny

A week before the storm, the European Weather Forecast Center, based in Reading, England, accurately and correctly predicted the trajectory and entire path of Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to technology that the U.S. did not have at the time, it was possible to accurately reproduce the path of the hurricane and note that the hurricane would most likely turn westward toward the land and hit the United States, rather than continuing its path across the ocean and passing through there.

Only 3 days later, the corresponding service of the USA has confirmed the correctness of assumptions of the European service. And so it has happened, on October, 29th the hurricane already has raged in the states of New York and New Jersey.

There was a lot of criticism among Americans that the national service reacted so long to warnings of European colleagues, and it was because of ill-timed preparation for the hurricane and not quick Hurricane Sandy response. They believe that this fact led to many deaths. Only in 2013 was the National Weather Service reformed to improve its technical base.

U.S. meteorologists predicted that on the evening of October 30, the hurricane was expected to merge with cold gale-force winds from the west and intensify significantly. Unfortunately, it so happened that Sandy came during a full moon, which is when the water rises to the coast and the ocean level rises. As luck would have it, the hurricane, once it reached the coast, lost its strength and qualified as a tropical storm.

But that didn’t stop it from remaining dangerous and causing a lot of destruction. Millions of people without electricity, fallen trees, destroyed homes, destroyed beaches, inoperable public transportation, closed roads, tunnels and bridges are all consequences of Hurricane Sandy, which has already become one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the largest city in the United States, New York.

Is Hurricane Sandy Capitalized in Billions of Us Dollars?

hurricane sandy anniversary

Tropical Storm Sandy struck a region where major corporations, retail chains, stock exchanges, and transportation hubs are headquartered. The Hurricane Sandy waves filled New York’s most expensive streets and destroyed billions of dollars worth of infrastructure.

The consequences of natural disasters will cost the insurers $5-10 billion. The Global Business Travel Association calculated last year that airlines, railroad carriers, car rentals, and hotel businesses suffer $700 million worth of losses in major hurricanes.

Airlines and trucking companies are in for a long haul. The cancellation of thousands of flights will cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. For example, Hurricane Irene cost United Continental Holdings $40 million last year. Delta Air Lines, which canceled 2,200 flights, lost $15 million. Because of Sandy, it canceled 2,500 flights.

The authorities of New York and New Jersey have calculated the losses caused by Long Beach Hurricane Sandy. According to a preliminary assessment, the restoration of destroyed homes, roads and power lines will cost $71.3 billion. Another $9 billion will be spent to protect the city from future flooding. According to state authorities, the federal government should bear the main costs.
Next year it will be Hurricane Sandy’s anniversary, so it is the reason for us to remember all the disasters this natural monster caused in the USA and to understand that we should undertake some steps in order these natural disasters never happen again!

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