NWDHurricanesWhen Was Hurricane Gloria, How And Why The Tropical Storm Occured

When Was Hurricane Gloria, How And Why The Tropical Storm Occured

When Was Hurricane Gloria

Throughout history, the world has been hit with a multitude of rater destructive natural disasters that have been crucial in shaping and changing the way we live today. From tsunamis to tropical storms, earthquakes and hurricanes, natural disasters are ameer examples of the strength and power that mother nature poses. Each natural disaster to strike the world has destroyed many aspects of life in its path, ploughing through the land, wrecking homes and buildings and killing loved ones. Hurricane Gloria 1985 is one that goes down in history as being one of the worst. A huge eye-opener for civilisation and 

When Was Hurricane Gloria?

So what year was Hurricane Gloria? Hurricane Gloria came sweeping through on the 16th of September 1985. It kept going all the way until the 4th of October the same year and caused mass destruction to many states and regions of the United States along its way. This was the first natural disaster of major significance to strike the northeastern United States since Hurricane Agnes in 1972. With it, Hurricane Gloria bought major gusts of wind that were powerful enough to bring down trees and destroyed many structures and buildings, leaving thousands without power, homes and safety.

Hurricane Gloria Track Of Direction 

The Hurricane Gloria t1985 track of direction meant that it swept throughout the United States, passing through many cities as it simultaneously destroyed almost everything in its path. The Hurrican Gloria path began as a tropical wave seen first just off the coast of Africa. However, by the next day, it had grown into a tropical storm hitting the south of Cape Verde as it moved along towards the Lesser Antilles and east-southeast St Croix. Later it moved towards the northeast part of the Bahamas and along the entirety of the coast from North Carolina to Connecticut.

Hurricane Gloria Affected Areas 

Ofocurse throughout 1985 hurricane season, Gloria hit and damaged each state it crossed on a different magnitude. Depending on the speed and velocity of the hurricane at the time of its passing, damage occurred in a multitude of different levels. To better understand the devastating effects Gloria had on the various states it hit, let’s take a look at some of the most harshly affected.

Hurricane Gloria Long Island 

When Was Hurricane Gloria

The effects of Hurricane Gloria 1985 long island meant that a lot of significant damage was caused. This type of damage came as a result of the height of Gloria at the time, the winds and forces were stronger and more powerful as it approach the city of long island. So what category was hurricane Gloria when it hit long island? Hurricane Gloria was classed as a category 4 hurricane, however, because Long Island was subject to only the western side of the storm, it maintained a category 1 throughout its passing.

The storm destroyed 48 homes across Long Island and severely damaged many more. This left many people without a roof over their heads. Hurricane Gloria also affected the crops across Long Island, causing soil erosion and killing many farmers businesses and peoples food supply too. This particular damaged cost about $20 million dollars.

Hurricane Gloria New York

Hurricane Gloria New York

The Cape Verde hurricane Gloria also had a tremendous effect on New York City and for its citizens it was shocking. Hurricane Gloria posed a lot of damaged towards the southeastern part of New York as it travelled past Long Island. The strong ad large gusts of wind hit down thousands of trees, destroying homes, buildings and many structural developments. New York was one of the lightest hit by Hurricane Gloria and suffered a slightly different side of the storm compared to the more coastal regions. The aftermath left many citizens in a vulnerable and some homeless position.

Hurricane Gloria Boston

Hurricane Gloria Boston

So when did hurricane Gloria hit Boston? Hurricane Gloria Massachusetts occurred on the 27th of September 1985, following its effects on many other states across the United States. Hurricane Gloria was classed as category 3 when it hit the city of Massachusetts and caused a wide variety of damage to both landscape, crops, homes and structural developments. Luckily the intensity of the hurricane had died down significantly by the time it hit Boston but the overall damage was estimated at $61 million dollars and $dollars in crops alone.

Hurricane Gloria Connecticut 

Hurricane Gloria Connecticut

Tropical storm Gloria also hit Connecticut destroying multiple parts of the state as it went along. Luckily the storm was pretty mild by this point and was classed as a category 1. Even though the winds were less strong and frequent the destruction was classed as one of the worst. The falling of trees meant that many important buildings in Connecticut were completed ruined. It completely took out the power and left over 2,000,000 residents without any electricity at all. This caused a lot of panic, desperation and shock, leaving many without a place to go and as a result, many injuries and illnesses occurred. The many hurricane Gloria pictures that were taken perfectly captured the devastation that occurred as a result of one of the biggest tropical storms in the world.

Hurricane Gloria Facts 

Now that you have a better understanding of the Hurricane Gloria category 4 path of destruction and after effects, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting elements of Hurricane Gloria year 1985.

  • The overall damage of Hurricane Gloria was estimated at a cost of $900 million dollars, setting back many important developments in the United States and years of recovery to come.
  • Hurricane Gloria was one of the eleven Atlantic hurricanes to occur in the year 1985.
  • The storm was recorded to be 300 miles wide.
  • Some cities were left without power for up to eleven days after the initial hit of the storm.
  • Nearly 30,000 people ran to shelters for safety reasons as their homes were directly affected by the tropical storm.
  • Hurricane Gloria took the media by storm and was significantly documented and hyped across the entire world.

The Bottom Line As you can see the Hurricane Gloria damage is absolutely devastating and meant that many people suffered losses for their homes and even loved ones. This type of long term devastation just clarifies just how powerful mother nature is. When a storm like this occurs there is no human way of stopping it or controlling it, however as a result people have learnt how to properly act in order to deal with it, minimizing as much damage as possible. Although an extremely devastating and somber time for many of the population of the United States it did go down in history as a hone that scientists and researchers learnt from, giving them a larger understanding of how storms like this form.

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