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Hurricane Dorian

hurricane dorian

Hurricane Dorian is one of the strongest tropical cyclones of the century. The epicenter of Dorian was concentrated on the east side of United States. This hurricane got the highest mark of danger by the hurricanes calculated table that was created by Saffir-Simons.

The damage that was inflicted by Dorian in the USA dollars currency was more than 7 billions. The speed of wind – more then 300km per hour. Dorian was created near the Big Bahama’s Island at 1st September of 2019. A lot of private houses office buildings and government institutions were under the water. It’s more then 45% of all buildings based in Bahamas.

After the Bahamas Dorian changed the target and at 7th September shows already in the USA district. At the North Carolina beach. The damage that was inflicted to USA was terrible too. A lot of people were hurt in case of this natural disaster.

About the aftermath. Short stats.At least 50 people died. More than 76000 lost their houses. At the Bahamas territory more than 13000 houses were flooded. Dorian is one of the most dangerous and awful disaster in the history of USA and in the history of the world too.

Why Hurricane Dorian is called this way you can read in the article Hurricane Name System.

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