NWDFloodsHeavy Rains and Floods in Sri Lanka for a Month: 20 Dead People

Heavy Rains and Floods in Sri Lanka for a Month: 20 Dead People

Heavy Rains and Floods in Sri Lanka

Severe weather, including strong winds and heavy rain, began in late October 2021. And only yesterday the authorities were able to summarize the consequences of this disaster because on November 7 heavy spots of rain began due to the low-pressure area in the southeast of the Bay of Bengal. The region received 300.4 mm of precipitation in just a day. The Meteorological Department has warned that the low-pressure zone could move to the coast on November 11-12.

20 Dead People in Sri Lanka because of floods

According to statistics, as a result of the disaster and its consequences, which lasted from October to the present day, about 20 people died. But the total number of victims exceeds 60 thousand, of which more than 5,000 people were left homeless. Those who could not find shelter with relatives or friends were allocated asylum, but these are temporary measures. Last spring, Sri Lanka was hostage to the March drought, and this fall it is breaking records for rainfall and flooding!

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