NWDInterestingWhat Is the Situation in Greece? Greece Fire Map: Know This before Travel!

What Is the Situation in Greece? Greece Fire Map: Know This before Travel!

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Another hellish spot on the world map after Turkey is Greece. Greece was engulfed in massive fires. It started with forest fires. The first to catch fire was the island of Peloponnese, near the city of Patras. Local authorities were forced to evacuate four nearby villages and blocked the nearly three-kilometer-long Rio-Antirio bridge connecting the peninsula and mainland Greece.

In the first 24 hours, the wildfires in Greece became massive, with firefighters finding sixty spots across the country. The crushing elements have also reached the Greek capital, Athens. There are plenty of wildfires near Athens Greece. The fire has cut off the capital from the south and the north of the country because a large highway near Athens has become impassable. The fire has also engulfed the Greek islands, in particular the tourist town of Rhodes.

Fire in Greek Euboea: The Second Biggest Island Turned to Be the Hell-Place

According to Greek news, most of the major fires in the country are under control. Now the disaster is being fought in the metropolitan region of Attica, in the Peloponnese, and on the island of Euboea. The most affected area in Greece is the north of Euboea, where active fires raged for 5 days. The total area of burned areas in the north of the island is about half a million acres. Thousands of buildings suffered incalculable damage and many were destroyed. The second-largest Greek island of Euboea is experiencing one of the worst natural disasters in its history. Dozens of settlements have burned down and more than two thousand people have been evacuated to the mainland. The fire has divided the island into two parts.

Local residents say that Euboea will never be the same again and blame the authorities for the lack of forces to fight the fires. Many refuse to leave the disaster zone until the very last moment – they try to save their houses by flooding the walls with water. Those who have tractors are felling trees and making earth mounds to stop the advance of the fire. By the way, the locals called it a miracle that the monastery of St. David, founded in 1540, was unaffected by the fire. Euboea and especially its northern part is not popular with tourists. As a rule, it is mostly Greeks who come here.

Fire in Athens, Greece

Meanwhile, residents in two Greek towns, Vothonas and Marathon, north of Athens, were ordered to head for the coast at 5 a.m. Friday because the wildfires were out of control. The fire department reported that the main focus of the fire has split into several fronts spreading in different directions. The fire department is also preparing for strong winds predicted in Attica and the rest of Greece. Data as of Friday morning showed that dozens of homes had been destroyed or damaged, and Afidnes Deputy Mayor Giorgos Dostis said the fire had scorched an area of 4,500 to 5,000 hectares.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities and only a few dozen people were hospitalized, mostly firefighters who suffered minor burns, as well as residents who suffered from smoke poisoning. Greek authorities called the situation with fires critical. Nikos Hardalias, Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management of the Republic noted that the record-breaking heatwave in 40 years hindered the fight against fire. The fires have reached Athens. The fire has not spared Varibobi. It is an elite suburb of Athens. It is where the wealthiest Greeks prefer to live. The fire destroyed dozens of homes and even more cars. Human casualties were avoided. Firefighters evacuated more than 300 people.

Greece Fire: What Is the Reason?

Greece Fire: What Is the Reason?

The main reason for the massive fires in the country is the abnormal heat, which Greece has not known for almost 35 years. In some regions, the temperature during the day reaches 45 degrees. Although forest fires break out every year in Greece, environmentalists say the situation will get worse because of global warming. Nikos Hardalias, Deputy Minister of Citizens’ Protection of Greece, showed a Greek fire map, where he pointed out more than 1,500 fires in the country because of the heat.

He added that the hardest part is yet to come. ​​Inhabitants of Athens throw up their hands. Summer fires are commonplace in Greece. And so they blame either the poor work of the emergency services or some arsonists for what happened.

We hope that you are in a safe place. We advise you to read the news before you plan your trip, so you don’t ruin your vacation!

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