NWDInterestingFrom the 3rd of December Delhi Is Again in Lockdown due to “Poor” Air

From the 3rd of December Delhi Is Again in Lockdown due to “Poor” Air

This week, the city authorities in Delhi (India) decided to reopen schools after a forced 15-day vacation due to serious air pollution in the metropolis on November, 18.

Supreme Court Criticized Delhi's Decision

On Thursday, the Supreme Court, which is considering a public petition about the authorities’ failure to reduce air pollution, and criticized city officials for reopening educational institutions despite “very poor” air quality. Delhi would continue to ban the construction and entry of non-essential diesel trucks. The Environment Minister of India urged local residents to use public transport. Delhi’s authorities have hired an additional 700 buses powered by natural gas. This smog is causing more children to be admitted to hospitals with breathing problems.

All educational institutions are closed again from this Friday!

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