NWDFloodsFloods Warnings in Hawaii Due to a Strong Storm from Monday till Late Tuesday

Floods Warnings in Hawaii Due to a Strong Storm from Monday till Late Tuesday

A strong storm caused flooded roads and blackouts in Hawaii. Yesterday, the authorities expressed concern about the deterioration of the situation in the coming days.

Floods Warnings in Hawaii

The threat of catastrophic flooding can occur due to the slow movement of low pressure from east to west, as well as water retention at the edge of the archipelago. On Monday, 4 shelters were opened, and the rescue services managed to rescue 4 children who were playing in the stream near the school. In addition to roads, the business also suffered – delayed flower delivery, a garland manufacturing company went down, etc. The National Weather Service claimed that over the next two days, all islands would continue to face the threat of catastrophic flash floods, lightning strikes, and strong winds. There are aging dams all over Hawaii, and these have been problematic during previous storms. In 2006, one of the Kaloko Reservoir’s walls in Kauai collapsed in heavy rain and a stream of water and mud washed away the hillside. The authorities fear a similar scenario, despite constant monitoring of the situation.

The weather is expected to start improving late Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning and drier air would spread to Hawaii!

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