NWDFloodsFloods in Indonesia: Officials Still Searching 11 Missing People

Floods in Indonesia: Officials Still Searching 11 Missing People

Floods in Indonesia

Heavy rains caused flash floods on the Indonesian main island of Java on November, 5 (Thursday), leaving at least 11 people missing.

A river on the slopes of Mount Arjuno flooded and inundated five small villages in Kota Batu, East Java, according to the National Agency for Disaster Reduction. It said that 15 people were washed away with water, and 4 people were later rescued. Heavy rains will continue in February, in part due to weather conditions in La Nina.

The local emergency agency’s rescue department said rescuers are still looking for 11 missing persons. Rescue efforts were hampered by power outages and road closures covered in thick mud and debris. The bridge is damaged, and cars and houses are covered with thick mud.

Authorities are still trying to collect any useful information about damage and other missing people. In Indonesia, seasonal rains often cause flooding that has a negative impact on our environment!

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