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NWDWhat to doFlood Safety Rules

Flood Safety Rules

things to do during flood

Sometimes we may find ourselves in a difficult situation, almost beyond our control. Now, let us talk about a sudden inundation from a flood or even a tsunami. Use flood safety tips to protect yourself and your relatives from a dangerous situation.

Learn Well the Climatic History of Places Where You Live or Are Going to Live

safety during flood

Immediately find out whether and to what extent were previously flooded these places. You should also know at what altitude from sea level you live, where the work, stores, and so on, there are engineering structures to protect against flooding and large waves. This knowledge will increase your flood survival.

Talk to the locals, find out how you can protect yourself from a possible disaster, and what recommendations they will give you.

Learn more about the history of the region, define the map and borders of sudden large flooding. If you are going to the ocean, learn how often tsunamis occur there.

Gather the Survival Kit

flood safety tips

This is very important preparation for floods. You should always have it, no matter what happens. It is a first aid kit, army knife, flashlight with battery, solar module, and USB output for recharging devices.

It is also better to stock up on an old, good cell phone with a minimum of features, a battery-powered or rechargeable radio. Put a flint and matches, a compass, and a stock of dry soldering. Separately roll up the blanket. Such a set at least one per group, family.

Separately for each human – an inflatable vest pillow, a light raincoat, necessary medicines for yourself and your pets, copies of important documents, a reserve of money, food, and water. All this should be put in waterproof bags and lightweight backpacks, keep them always in an accessible place, and known to everyone. You should keep it all with you if you are in constant danger.

What to Do in Case of a Flood?

flooding precautions

Be Always on the Lookout

You are almost ready, and you can live, relax, do your business in peace. Keep track of media, phone, and radio reports. Also, pay attention to prolonged rains, river level rise, sudden tide, and shallowing of beaches near the ocean, earthquakes, unusual behavior of animals, and birds.

Immediately think about flood safety precautions. It is best to distance yourself at least 3 km from the coastal strip inland and at least 30 meters upland. Do not be lazy and take a walk in advance and walk with your family and friends along the developed route. It is desirable that everyone remembers it and determine a common meeting place in a safe place.

It will be ideal if you build parking with places where the fire is burning, stock of firewood, take care of the shelter, inflatable boats, and tents. It is not necessary to advertise this place to everyone around you but to hide the tools and other things well, so they will not be dragged away by your arrival.

Things to Do during a Flood

After you’ve taken care of all flooding precautions, it’s time to understand what to do when you need to act. Save your life and those around you, not things. You must act very quickly. Grab your set, family, and quickly move to the agreed place or, if you have not made up your mind in advance, to a place close to it. Warn the absentees about it immediately by phone. They need to make their respective decisions about where to go.

Run without stopping and rest. If the water still caught you and you in its elements, the main thing is not to panic. Grab the passing objects, not standing, which may soon flood.

You can climb the roof but remember that the water is coming, the level increases, and the building can be demolished and washed away. So, if you decide to wait there, then choose very strong and high. If you get a tall tree – climb to the top.

Actively show your location with smoke from the fire, bright rags, screams. They will surely come for you, and you, finally, relax and rest.

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