NWDFloodsFlash Floods in Northern Iraq Took 8 Lives and Dozens Are Missing

Flash Floods in Northern Iraq Took 8 Lives and Dozens Are Missing

Floods in Northern Iraq

Catastrophic floods caused by heavy rains in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq have killed at least eight people.

Authorities claimed that it rained heavily outside the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region on Thursday evening. However, more rain is predicted. Therefore, the authorities are asking people to stay away from roads inside and outside the city so that rescue teams can enter if necessary. The press reported that 7 of the victims drowned in their homes, and 8 were struck by lightning. There are also dozens of missing persons, including a 10-month-old baby who was carried away by the current. Iraq has experienced high temperatures and repeated droughts in recent years, but it has also experienced severe flooding. When torrential rains fell on the sun-drenched land, the situation worsened. Scientists say climate change would exacerbate extreme weather conditions, including droughts and the possibility of increased rainfall. This is the second devastating flood in Iraq in less than months!

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