NWDSpace WeatherExploration of Mars. Astronomers Have Found a Green Glow

Exploration of Mars. Astronomers Have Found a Green Glow


Scientists have considered the green glow above the surface of Mars. It comes from oxygen atoms excited by sunlight. The same glow is seen by astronauts which are looking at the Earth from a space station.

The glow on Mars was detected by TGO Nomad, a gas orbiter launched under the supervision of the Royal Belgian Institute of Space Aeronomy (IASB-BIRA).

Specialists from the Open University in the UK explained that the glow is different from the polar lights on our planet. This type of particle interaction on Earth is influenced by the magnetic field of our planet, which attracts particles to the poles.

Glow on Mars is not focused on poles because there is no global magnetic field on a planet. Green luminescence on a red planet has other origins. Oxygen atoms rise to a higher energy level, and when they return to a state of rest they produce green radiation.

The height at which the green glow occurs is from 80 to 120 km above the surface of the red planet.

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