NWDWildfiresEvacuations in Montana due to Rapid Wildfires Started in the Last 24 Hours

Evacuations in Montana due to Rapid Wildfires Started in the Last 24 Hours

Evacuations in Montana

In Denton, Montana, an urgent evacuation has been announced due to a rapid forest fire, the cause of which has not yet been established.

Rapid Wildfires Montana

The 2,500-acre fire itself was reported on Tuesday evening, but strong winds redirected it from Stanford north to Denton. The relevant services immediately recommended the local authorities begin the evacuation, and on Wednesday afternoon the order was carried out. The exact cause has not yet been established, but it is preliminarily reported that the first fire was caused by a human factor. At the moment, there are about 17 active fires and 4 of them started in the last 24 hours alone. No information about the injured has been reported, but more than 30 residential buildings have already been burned down. According to forecasts, rescuers are expected to cope with the fires until Thursday evening. Some flash points have already been eliminated. Unfortunately, fires by a human factor often happen, we need to be careful and remember about the dire consequences that they would bring!

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