NWDFloodsEvacuation Due to Heavy Rainfall: Canada Received Monthly Rainfall per Day

Evacuation Due to Heavy Rainfall: Canada Received Monthly Rainfall per Day

Evacuation Due to Heavy Rainfall

On Monday, relentless rains hit the Pacific coast of Canada. The disaster washed away major highways, forced Merritt to evacuate after damaging local sewage treatment plants and two bridges, and trapped about 275 motorists.

For several hours after the start of the rescue operation, 100 people were found who were left without water and food and could not independently escape from the disaster. In addition to providing emergency medical care, centers for internally displaced persons were also created. Due to a large amount of water flowing into the reservoir, a local utility company issued a flood warning and said it is working to restore power to thousands of people who have been affected by the power outage. According to the data, about 250 millimeters (almost 10 inches) of rain fell by the end of Monday. This is usually the monthly rate in the region. The consequences of the catastrophe have not yet been eliminated, and the authorities cannot give accurate forecasts of when hundreds of people would be able to return to their homes and whether they have somewhere to return. Unfortunately, Canada can also be added to the list of flood-affected countries.

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