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NWDVolcanoesErruptions in XXI century

Erruptions in XXI century

lava in the sea

Volcano eruptions is a type of natural disasters and a real problem for the Earth. There are more than 1300 active volcanos on the planet . More than 90% of active volcanos are situating at “Flame belt” of our planet. It’s area that crossed Mexico Indonesia and New Zealand.

Mauna-Loa (Hawaii)

Mauna-Loa (Hawaii)

The biggest from the active volcanos on the earth – Mauna Loa at Hawaii Island, USA.

More than 4170 m above the sea and more than 10000 m from the bottom of volcano to it’s top.

Nyiragongo (Republic of the Kongo)

Nyiragongo (Republic of the Kongo)

Last eruption of this volcano was in 2002 year. This active volcano situated on the East of the country and in case of eruption more then 100 humans died. Damage that was brought to coffee and banana plantations was terrible too.

Etna (Sicily, Italy)

Etna (Sicily, Italy)

In same 2002 year the eruption of the Etna started. This volcano is the highest mount in Europe ( 3329 from the sea line ) This eruption ended just in January of 2003. The damage that was inflicted to the country is more than 140 million of euro.

La Soufriere (Island of Saint Vincent)

La Soufriere

12 July 2003 – is the date when the La Soufriere started his eruption. The small island was not ready for troubles like this so the eruption destroyed more the 95% of harvest and island get a mark of disaster area.

Merapi (Indonesia)

Merapi (Indonesia)

The eruption of Merapi started in May of 2006. Merapi is the most active volcano of Indonesia among 42 others. In case of eruption airline were closed not only in Java Island where the Merapi situated but in all country.

Second eruption of Merapi started in 2010 and in case of it more than 300 humans died and more then 400000 were evacuated from the Island.

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