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England Could Face an Unprecedented Drought in 20 Years

England Could Face

Demand for water in England has increased significantly recently. At the same time, the amount of water available has decreased because of the negative man-made impact on nature. Specialists predict a severe drought in the country in 20 years.

The National Audit Office states that there is a risk of water scarcity in the south-east of England due to reduced rainfall and lower water levels in natural water bodies.

The water canals will have to reduce the amount of water they take from rivers, lakes and wells by more than 1 billion liters per day; otherwise, there will be a large water shortage in the coming decades. It is estimated that an additional 4 billion liters of water will be needed daily to cope with the growing risk of drinking water shortages by 2050.

Daily water demand in England and Wales is 14 billion liters; 3 billion liters are lost due to leaks. People on average use 143 liters of water every day. Personal water consumption has increased every year for the past 5 years.

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