NWDMAN-MADEDiscovery of Global Warming

Discovery of Global Warming

Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in human history. And experts believe that the trend is accelerating. The topic of global warming concerns not only scientists but also ordinary citizens. Today we will help to answer the most burning questions:

  • When was global warming discovered?
  • Who discovered global warming?
  • First notice of global warming

Global Warming Discovery and Facts

who discovered global warming

Joseph Fourier first outlined the greenhouse effect discovery mechanism in 1827. The lasting effect of global warming has had a major impact on our atmosphere. If there were no layers of pollution, the temperature on the planet would be -17 degrees Celsius.

These days, CO2 levels have crossed their limits. It has never been used to 300 ppm in history, but today is 380 ppm, and this is 25% higher and then ever.

In 1997, scientists recorded a record amount of CO2. This year, 2.88 ppm was released into the atmosphere, and this was the largest amount of CO2 ever.

Since 1998, people have been observing temperature rising for 7 years. By the way, the highest temperature was in 2005. It is followed by 1998 and 2007.

Origin of Global Warming Theory

discovery of global warming

First, we need to make a greenhouse effect discovery. Our atmosphere absorbs a lot of vapors and a lot of carbon dioxide. All these contaminants and gases form layers that absorb the energy of the sun. This effect is the cause of global warming. Scientists predict that the temperature will increase by 3 degrees in 80 years.

Scientists say that in 80-100 years, the water level in the sea can increase by 30-70 centimeters if the temperature continues to rise.

The coastal areas and areas close to the sea are in great danger, and there are a lot of them around the world, so hundreds of millions have the possibility to lose their homes.

Global warming is affecting the polar bear population. At the moment, their number does not exceed 25 thousand. They have sharply started dying and have left their usual habitat. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to correct the situation.

This terrible phenomenon forces people to resort to resettlement. For the first time, it happened in 2007, when 100 people were evacuated from the island of Tegua due to floods and sea-level rise.

NASA claims that the temperature has risen by 1.6 degrees since 1880. Even despite the consequences of recent times, this is still a very large figure.

For the first time, the temperature rose too much between 1990 and 1931. The temperature continued to rise every year after 1970. However, such trends have been observed twice in the twelfth century.

Is Global Warming a Big Problem for the Average Person, and How Can Each Citizen Help Solve It?

greenhouse effect discovery

Reduce your own carbon footprint with a few simple steps. Make energy conservation a part of your daily life and your decisions as a consumer. For example, when you buy a car, you look for a car with an environmental standard. You can also reduce your emissions by using public transportation.

Cars are really big sources of pollution. They are becoming more and more. The number of cars by 2030 will be just under one billion, but in 2050 this value will already exceed it.

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