NWDMAN-MADEDelhi Lockdown Due to Dangerous Smog: Schools and Power Plants Closed

Delhi Lockdown Due to Dangerous Smog: Schools and Power Plants Closed

Delhi Lockdown Due to Dangerous Smog

On November, 18, authorities closed schools and shut down several coal-fired plants indefinitely to reduce the effects of smog in the capital and in neighboring countries. The air pollution crisis in Delhi of over 20 million underlines India’s heavy reliance on coal, which accounts for 70% of the state’s electricity. The government claimed the idea of isolation over the weekend would help cut down on all activities, especially car traffic, that is a potential cause of air pollution. The petition has been submitted and is now awaiting approval from the Supreme Court of India, which can be made as early as November 24.

Smog in India Caused Lockdown for Indefinitely

It is not yet clear how big the blockade would be. The authorities are debating whether to allow the industry to continue operating. Some experts say the blockade would have little impact on pollution control but would cause economic disruption and damage the livelihoods of millions. It also ordered construction to be suspended until November 21 and trucks cannot carry essential goods. Unfortunately, India can be called one of the countries’ leaders in disasters, because over the past couple of months its inhabitants have been subjected to various tests, and the last was toxic foam near Delhi!

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