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NWDInterestingTo Live or Not to Live: The Danger of Living Near High Voltage Power Lines

To Live or Not to Live: The Danger of Living Near High Voltage Power Lines

dangers of living near power lines

What Is a Safe Distance to Live from Power Lines?

To provide electricity to citizens, businesses and organizations there is a need for high-voltage power lines. But the owners of houses next to power lines, quite fundamentally, ask how harmful this object is to health, and what are the dangers of living under power lines?

Let us consider the degree of health hazards of such neighbors, ways to protect against adverse effects, and the permissible distances for residence. Some say that these electromagnetic waves influence the brain cells, cause harm to the body and lead to cancer. But is it really dangerous living next to power lines and what scientists think about this topic?

The modern human is constantly under the influence of a huge number of these electromagnetic fields, as we are using devices all day. These are both electromagnetic fields of power lines, and the fields created by various office and household appliances, and radio waves of cell phones, located close to the brain of the speaker.

It is estimated that if you add up the electromagnetic fields of all man-made devices on Earth, their level will exceed the level of the natural geomagnetic field of the Earth millions of times.

Nowadays, the connection of resonance frequency with the concentration of ions in the cell has been established, which explains the violation of metabolic processes in the human body when exposed to radiation. Studies of the impact of electromagnetic waves of wires on the brain and the human body as a whole proved that it can lead to several diseases: radio waves increase the number of white blood cells, which are dangerous.

As well, these waves change the blood pressure and heart rate. Sometimes, as a result of exposure to radiation in houses near high voltage power lines, there are disturbances at the cellular level. The interesting fact is that the impact of electromagnetic fields on a person’s health is directly proportional to the field power and exposure time.

To answer the question “What is the safe distance to live from power lines?”, we want to reference the regulations. There is a document that regulates the size of safe zones. According to these power line zone regulations, in order to ensure the safety of people’s life from the unfavorable effects of EMF (electromagnetic field), there are established special protection sanitary zones near the high-voltage lines, where it is forbidden to build any kind of housing. The size of zones near power lines depends on the voltage of power.

A safe distance from high voltage power lines is the area along the wires of power supports of the transmission line, in which the electric field strength does not exceed the safe lifetime value of about 1 kV/m. The distance of impact of power lines on human life is directly proportional to the power of the line itself. You must also ensure that the power line can be serviced: the regulatory distance from the electric pole to the fence cannot be less than the protected sanitary zone of the electricity line, it is prohibited to add a fence to the pole, build a house under the power line, as well as plant trees under the power line.

The recommended safe distances from power lines are the following: the distance from 110 kV power line is about 66 feet; at 500 kV overhead line the norm of the distance from the line is about 100 feet; at 750 kV – the norm is 131 feet, and at 1150 kV – 180 feet is considered a safe distance for living next to high voltage power lines.

Is It Dangerous to Live Near Power Lines: Know the Truth

living next to power lines

There are two types of radiation from electrical appliances and wiring and the high-voltage power lines themselves, which are static fields and alternating waves. That means that even the sockets in your house with a voltage of 220-240 volts have harmful impacts, just as living in a house under power lines with 200 kilovolts.

The strength of the static field decreases as a function of the distance. But it is worth noting that the further away the electricity line is from you, the less harmful it is, because the static field strength changes with distance. Consequently, radiation from a socket outlet and a power line will have almost the same effect on the human body. Variable waves are much weaker than static waves because, as we said, their strength is directly proportional to the distance from the energy source. For example, a 10-kilovolt power line will have the same effect as a socket in the house.

In addition, in a house, apartment or office, there is not just one socket, but many devices powered by electricity. And collectively, they can cause much more harm and radiation to humans, not comparable with the waves from the power lines.

Well, are power lines dangerous to live near? There is no evidence and direct proof of that statement. This topic has not been fully explored. But some scientists have put forward the opinion that for people working and living near such power lines, there is a high probability of internal organ malfunction. But against this assumption, there is scientific evidence that the frequency of the industrial current is 50 Hz, and the human body is affected by much lower frequencies. If you ask people who work with these high voltage lines, they would say that after being near power lines for a long time they start feeling sick. They admit the dangers of living near power lines. Most of them point out the next harmful symptoms:

  • a weakened immune system;
  • nervousness;
  • headache;
  • constant malaise.

But maybe it has nothing to do with electric lines, but rather with the complexity of the work because it requires constant concentration and high concentration. Scientists have proved that each person perceives electric and magnetic fields and static radiation from power lines differently. The scientists believe that there is no danger of living near high voltage power lines.

Electrical allergy is the term used for illness when you feel pain and discomfort caused by the negative effects of power lines. In Europe, several states grant their residents the right to resettle, because it is direct danger of living near power lines. All the costs and the process of house searching are managed by the authorities. So, as we can see, there are dangers of living close to power lines because people who live in houses near power lines are in risk zones and the hazard degree varies. For instance, one person will suffer from the effects of such a neighbor, while the other’s health will remain undisturbed.

What Are the Health Risks Living Near Power Lines?

dangers of living close to power lines

Supposedly, power lines behind houses, factories, or other office spaces where people may stay for long times are detrimental to their health. Chronic fatigue syndrome increased irritability, and a weakened immune system are just the beginning of the list of illnesses caused by dangerous radiation.

Years ago, studies were conducted involving thousands of people who live near power lines. Researchers were able to come to the consensus about the theory of the harms of power lines over houses, that all such lines affect the body, even though the exact reasons for the negative effects of radiation have not yet been elucidated. But researchers suggest that power lines ionize small particles of air and dust that are nearby, and then penetrate the lungs of the person. The ions, charging the cells in the respiratory organs, disrupt their proper functioning.

Obviously, if you spend a long time in places near a high-voltage line, you will definitely notice the harmful effects on your body. Such unfavorable proximity increases the likelihood of cancer and disrupts the functioning of many systems of the body:

  • nervous;
  • reproductive;
  • immune system;
  • endocrine;
  • hematologic;
  • cardiovascular.

To live in a house near power lines is not recommended for children, pregnant women, and old people. Allergic people and people with immunodeficiency are also in the risk group. This is confirmed by the testimonials of people who have worked in the electromagnetic radiation zone for more than a year. They noted that they got hypertension, migraines, and deteriorated vision. And heart attacks become common among men of young age who previously had no heart problems.

We believe that although there is no precise information regarding the effects of power lines, we still can not deny their negative impact. As we can see from the reports of people who live or work near power lines, the health suffers from such neighbors.

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