NWDMAN-MADEClimate Changing Damaging Sport around the World

Climate Changing Damaging Sport around the World

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According to research, the global sport will face serious problems due to climate changes in the coming decades.

  • By 2050, 23 of the 92 clubs of English Football League (EFL) will face partial or complete annual flooding of their stadiums.
  • Tennis, rugby, athletics, and winter sports will experience significant challenges from rising temperatures and natural disasters.
  • Typhoon, which led to the chaos in Japan in 2019, has influenced the rugby championship.
  • Smoke from forest fires in Australia prevented the Australian Tennis Open from being held in early 2020.
  • Cricket is facing enormous challenges around the world due to rising temperatures in India, Australia, and the West Indies.
  • The Adelaide and Perth venues will see a 60 percent increase in the number of days in the next decade at temperatures above +40°C.
  • Scientists report that one in every three golf tournaments at the British Open will be postponed due to rising sea levels.
  • Winter sports are also facing an uncertain future. Researchers say only 10 of the 19 venues where the Winter Olympics were previously held will be able to host them by 2050.

There’s a lot of excitement in the snow sport. This sport brings a lot of money and jobs. For example, in the report of the year of the Active Recreation Industry Association, it is reported that snow sports annually bring in 72 billion dollars and generate 695 thousand jobs. Athletes around the world are very concerned about climate change. They stress that it is a serious economic problem for the business of resorts and cities that are designed for cold weather.

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Many are very sad because, with this development, winter sports for children will become less popular. They will not be able to open their doors to the world of cold-weather sports. They won’t fall in love with ice hockey like other athletes who have been inspired in the open air and have built professional careers, winning Olympic medals.

Climate change is not just about the winter seasons. The Olympic marathon is being moved from Tokyo to the chilly Sapporo due to the extreme heat that has taken hundreds of lives in recent years. Many athletes and people have also been hospitalized because of heat.

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Unfortunately, some sports authorities and organizations do not report openly on serious climate change, but only indirectly recognize the transformation of the weather. This is evidenced by the change in the location of the 2020 Marathon we talked about earlier. The Tokyo Olympic Committee has caused an outcry, with no reason to be cautious about the terrible global climate realities. They should not have missed the moment and the opportunity to inform the public.

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