NWDTornadoesCentral and Southern US Became a Victim of 50 Danger Tornadoes

Central and Southern US Became a Victim of 50 Danger Tornadoes

Deadly tornadoes hit central and southern US

On the night of Friday to Saturday, about 50 storms triggered devastating tornadoes in the central and southern US States. Buildings collapsed into twisted fragments and claimed lives. The death toll is still being established.

In Kentucky, more than 70 people have died as a result of this dire incident. The most serious damages included in different areas, for example, an Amazon warehouse in Western Illinois, a candle factory in Kentucky, and a nursing home in Arkansas. Unfortunately, it was not possible to save everything under the ruins. How do eyewitnesses describe the most devastating night in the United States? Kyan Parsons-Perez’s ears began to buzz, and she felt the building shaking in different directions, and then it collapsed on her and her colleagues.

Death Tornadoes US

Now on the Internet and social networks, you can find thousands of photographs of people standing on the ruins of their houses. All the victims are provided with assistance and shelter, but the further actions of the authorities are not yet known, since the rescue operation is not over!

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