NWDFloodsCatastrophic Floods in Bahia Are Still Continue: 2 More Death

Catastrophic Floods in Bahia Are Still Continue: 2 More Death

bahia flood

On Monday, local authorities said that flooding in the Brazilian state of Bahia caused two more deaths. In Itabuna, a 21-year-old man was washed away by water, and a 33-year-old woman died as a result of the displacement.

Since heavy rains began in early November, 20 people have died in the area During this period, about 63,000 people were displaced. Bahia is experiencing the greatest disaster in its history. The water level at the head of the Kachhela River has started to fall, although slowly, it is expected to improve in the coming days. Since Thursday, houses have been flooded in several cities in the southern part of the state, and streets have turned into rivers.The aerial photographs show the extent of the flooding, the water in the houses reaching the windows.

According to Bahia statistics, a total of 62,796 people had to leave their homes. In addition, 358 people have been injured since the beginning of November. These rains affected at least 115 cities, at least 100 of which are in an emergency condition, and more than 470 thousand people. Meteorological services do not give accurate forecasts of the termination of the disaster!

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