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Wildfires Feb.01.2021

California Has the Next Year of Disasters: From Wildfires to Mudslides, Real Nightmare Season

Breaking! Today we tell a real story about Crystal Urite and her beloved family. What has happened with them and their house in Monterey County? Continue reading our new article to find out more.

Mudslides were beginning to flow in the burn mark remained after last summer’s River Fire, and the state officials suggested she leave. Because of the Corovirus pandemic, Urite thought it would be extremely dangerous to send her family to an overcrowded harbor. 30 minutes after, her SUV was stuck in the dirt.

The road was flooded in thick sludge, which had gone through the garage door, bordering the interior with stones and trash take upon the mudslide’s miles-long path through the coastal foothills south of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Dozens of houses in Urite’s area that remained the 75-square-mile River Fire were wounded in the event like the California seaside ranges.

The problem that is now in California is that several types of disasters are occurring at the same time – wildfires and mudslides. All because of global climate changes, especially in the West. So, Crystal Urite and her beloved family got into two troubles at the same time.

The fire was kind of scary, and I didn’t mind the flood was going to be as hell

Her house was flooded with one natural disaster and the second one was near the corner. Moreover, after a recent downpour, their car has been destroyed. It’s like in some movies but horror happens in reality.

Mudslides, wildfires, and downpours. Real Hell is now in California! Disasters are going rounds by rounds, and this is the second year of disaster seasons.

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