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NWDMAN-MADEBritish Scientists Believe the Rich Are Responsible for Climate Change

British Scientists Believe the Rich Are Responsible for Climate Change

global warming

The global climate crisis, which covered 86 countries, is primarily the fault of the rich, as reported by the University of Leeds research.

The richest countries consumes 20 times more energy than the countries with lowest income, according to British scientists. Poor people are less likely to use private transport, according to the study.

Experts warn that family consumption may increase several times between 2011 and 2050 if appropriate policy measures are not taken.

Scientists have used European Union and World Bank data to analyse how people with different living standards spend their incomes, and this is the first study of its kind.

The researchers found that more than half of the energy in the transport category is consumed by a tenth of the richest people. This data supports previous studies, which show that 70% of all UK flights are operated by only 15% of travellers. Very wealthy Britons travel long distances while 57% of the population does not travel abroad at all.

The study suggests to the authorities to introduce additional taxes on luxury cars and higher frequent flyer fees, and improve public transport conditions to change the highly unequal distribution of energy and protect the balance of the ecosystem, ensuring a prosperous life for all.

Faster electrification of transport may become an alternative solution to the problem, according to scientists.

The researchers also compared the energy consumption of the population of different European countries. For example, one fifth of UK citizens are among the world’s 5% energy consumers, along with 40% of German citizens and the entire population of Luxembourg. Only 2% of the Chinese and 0.02% of the Indian population are among these 5% of the world’s largest energy consumers.

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