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Interesting Feb.11.2021

Breaking Statements From National Geographic: Is It Appropriate to Call Natural Disasters

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Have you heard about the latest topic of Natural Geographic Magazine? Why call the latest disasters ‘natural’ when they really aren’t? Interesting, huh? Continue reading to know more about it.

What This Article Is About?

Wildfires, thunderstorms, and diseases now are increased and boosted by climate shift. Reasonably we should call them what they are: disasters of our production. Now almost every natural disaster appeared due to the negative impact on humanity.

People now perform such an imperative role on Earth, it’s assumed we live in a new geological era: the Anthropocene. By ripping forests and mining and building megapolises with all their toxic wastes, we’ve changed half of the ice-free land on Earth.

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With our humus plants, we make more nitrogen than all earthly ecosystems together; 

By the application of vehicles, we remove around more land than all the world’s streams and rivers. In the duration of biomass, the numbers are tremendous. People now burden wild animals by a ratio of over 8:1.

That’s why the assumption of National Geographic is clear and understandable: humans made a crucial impact on the environment – it caused global warming and climate change – these processes accumulate new natural disasters and deaths.

We strongly recommend you to read the original long-read article right now!

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