NWDInterestingBarra Storm in the UK: Where Were the Yellow Warnings Issued

Barra Storm in the UK: Where Were the Yellow Warnings Issued

Barra Storm in the UK

As the Barra storm swept across the country, high winds, rain, and heavy snow hit parts of the UK. On Tuesday, a storm and snow warning was issued in most parts of the UK – only the northernmost part of Scotland was not affected by the worst weather. Flood warnings were also issued Wednesday at 28 locations across the UK.

Barra has already brought gusts at 45-50 mph, increasing to 70 mph in areas such as Sherkin Island in southwest Cork, Ireland, and Berry Head in South Devon and. In Aberdaron, located in the western part of Wales, there were still gusts of wind at a speed of 69 mph. Storm Arwen, by contrast, swept the UK in gusts of nearly 100 mph. The Bureau of Meteorology said the strongest Barra’s winds would weaken at night in the hinterland. Scotland is expected to receive 2-5 cm (0.8-2 inches) of a yellow snow warning. In some places, it can reach 10 cm (3-4 inches), especially in the southern highlands and some parts of the highlands. In Ireland, Cork, Carey, and Claire issued a rare red warning and the school was ordered to close. Sherkin Island in southwestern County Cork hit 70 mph gusts on Thursday.

This storm could be even more dangerous than Arwen in November!

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