NWDFloodsBahia, Brazil Has Been Hostage to Severe Storms for the Second Month

Bahia, Brazil Has Been Hostage to Severe Storms for the Second Month

floods in bahia

Heavy rain that has hit the area since late November has caused some 116 cities in the state of Bahia in northeastern Brazil to declare a flood emergency.

In Bahia (Brazil) 470,000 people became victims of severe floods. In at least 50 cities, homes and businesses are flooded with water and people are forced to abandon their belongings. According to the statistics, the state government displaced 43,000 people and claimed that over 34,163 people were left homeless. Since the beginning of this month, 21 people have died and 358 have been injured. Some medical facilities were flooded, and as a result, hundreds of doses of coronavirus vaccines were destroyed. At least five dams in Bahia are in danger of breaking. Established bridges, as well as federal and state roads, were destroyed and temporarily rebuilt to provide food and other goods to those in need.

The state authorities still do not have complete lists of victims. Climatologists are convinced that global warming is the cause of so many stylish floods. In southern Bahia, rainfall at this time of the year is more than five times normal!

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