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NWDWildfiresAustralia’s Pristine Forests Are at Greater Risk than during the Fires

Australia’s Pristine Forests Are at Greater Risk than during the Fires


Biologists and scientists have analyzed Australia’s forest cover after fires that have destroyed about 70 percent of all woods.

Alarming evidence suggests that Australia’s rainforests on Mount Kuark may not recover. Many plant species have survived fiery hell, but all the large tree species have died. These species are completely extinct now.

Many of these tree species have survived the Ice Age and were the only cradle of the continent’s rainforest.

But that’s not the only thing that puts Australia’s forests in danger.

Wood processing companies lack resources due to the dramatic reduction in forest cover due to the fires. This industry is developed well in Australia. Now the heads of companies are fighting with environmentalists and the government for the remaining pieces of forest.

Australia’s forest cover will disappear completely within a decade if the current scale of tree felling will maintain.

Fortunately, government action will help to conserve the remaining pieces of forest. Cutting will stop by 2030, under a new government program. It includes the import of timber and the abolition of wood processing as well as planting of 50,000 hectares of forest.

The Australian government will also provide about $18 million to help conserving the species that are currently threatened with extinction.

But Australia’s forests will not be able to fully recover despite all the measures taken. Ancient and endemic plant and animal species will not survive such changes. It will take centuries for the biosphere to recover and this may not be possible due to climate change and another fires.

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