NWDWildfiresAustralian Fires. The Aftermath of Global Warming?

Australian Fires. The Aftermath of Global Warming?

fire forest

Forest fires in the Australia is a common thing for citizens of this country. And the big problem for a government. But this problem was always solved successfully till the summer of 2019. Anomaly drought and heat are two main reasons of the forest fires in Australia and all over the world. But 2019 was a hottest year of the decade. And the forest fires that started near the Brisbane were the most massive fires of last years.

From the September of 2019 more then 500 millions of the animals died in the fires, 24 people are dead too. More then 200 houses were burned and people lost their houses. In December of 2019 the government of the New South Wales made a decision to provide a state of emergency in the district in case of temperature and the area of the fires. But in January of 2020 the rain that Australian people calls “ The rain of century “ changed the situation and fireguards can finally localized the fire.

The damage that was inflicted to Australian animals world is terrible. The population of such types as kangaroo and koala bears decrease more then on 50%. More then 6 300000 square kilometers of wood were destroyed. Forest fires – is special type of natural disasters that should be solved not only in Australia but all over the world.

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