NWDHurricanesAmphan Cyclone Is the Strongest Tropical Cyclone since Cyclone Sidr in 2007

Amphan Cyclone Is the Strongest Tropical Cyclone since Cyclone Sidr in 2007

Strongest Tropical Cyclone Amphan

Amphan cyclone date can be called May 16, 2020, it was on this day that cyclone Amphan was formed. This cyclone is considered the strongest tropical cyclone since 2007 Cyclone Sidr. The Cyclone Amphan cost report surprised everyone because the cyclone is unique not only in its power but also in its cost. The Amphan cycle is considered the most expensive cyclone in the world, with consequences estimated at US $13 billion. Destruction of cyclone Amphan occurred on May 21, 2020. We’ve put together a short essay on the Amphan cyclone in this article.

The Amphan cyclone damaged Calcutta, India’s easternmost metropolis, killing 84 people across Bangladesh and India. Super cyclone Amphan came ashore on Wednesday, damaging coastal communities due to high winds and rain. As we move north towards Bhutan, the storm subsides. Thousands of trees were uprooted, electricity and telephone lines were cut off, and houses were destroyed by storms. Calcutta’s roads are flooded and the city’s 14 million residents are left without electricity.

Since 1999, Amphan cyclone is the first super cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. However, when it struck, it was categorized as a very severe storm, even though its winds had weakened by then. Emergencies and relief efforts have been hampered by restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. The mass evacuation was complicated by Covid-19, as the shelters could not be used to their full capacity because of social distancing measures.

Causes and Where Did Meaning Cyclone Amphan Come From

A low-pressure region emerged over the Southeast Bay of Bengal on May 13, 2020, around 1,020 kilometers (635 miles) southeast of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. With adequate outflow from the equator, the low-pressure region was in a favorable location for future growth. The system became increasingly conspicuous over the next several days as it solidified more, with bands of deep atmospheric convection sweeping the storm’s lower core. The low-pressure region has transformed into a depression, according to IMD (India’s Meteorological Department) on May 16. The depression continued to build as it moved north, and after a few hours, it became a cyclonic storm known as Amphan (cyclone in West Bengal 2020).

Cyclone Amphan News

Amphan Cyclone

The tropical cyclone Amphan later landed in Sundarbans, a mangrove region along the India-Bangladesh border where four million people lived, before moving north and northeast towards Calcutta, the ancient city that served as the capital of British rule and is commonly known as Calcutta. In parts of the Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha, the cyclone Amphan wind reached speeds of 185 km/h. According to meteorologists, the cyclonic storm is the most powerful hurricane in the Bay of Bengal in recent years. The maximum speed of gusts of the storm reaches 265 km/h. In the Indian state of West Bengal, 72 people have died and Bangladesh has recorded 12 deaths.

Following the recent cyclone in West Bengal, 24 northern and southern Parganas of West Bengal and East Midnapore were affected. Many houses were destroyed, there are tens of thousands of them. Also, many houses were damaged or flooded. Before the typhoon hit the entire territory, 2.5 million people managed to evacuate from the scene.

What’s the News from Bangladesh?

Cyclone Amphan News

Amphan was expected to be the strongest cyclone in Bangladesh since Cyclone Sidr, which killed nearly 3,500 people in 2007, and it did. Most of the people died as a result of the seawater flooding. According to the Indian Meteorological Service, Amphan was expected to cause storm surges up to 10 feet (3-5 meters). Rising sea levels in this way could push deadly water walls deep inland, damaging cities. According to the Dhaka Tribune, at least 83,000 homes in Khulna, north of Sundarbans, have been demolished or damaged. While fewer people appear to have died than in India, the government is concerned about $1.5 billion in damage, the newspaper said.


Cyclone Amphan is one of the worst events in India and Bangladesh. The incident caused enormous damage, from roads to lives. India and Bangladesh have had dire consequences. The government had big problems with the consequences. The countries that have been hit by such a disaster have had a very difficult time. In terms of cost, the cyclone Amphan cannot be compared, because it has become the most expensive cyclone in the world. Cyclone “Amphan” is one of those cases that shows how terrible nature can be, and that we cannot influence such incidents in any way. We should not forget that any other trick of nature can fall upon our life at any moment but we can deal with the consequences and study these natural incidents as best we can. This will give us even more information about various natural disasters and help improve our knowledge in this matter.

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