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All the Facts about the Avalanche – What Should You Be Afraid Of?

how to survive an avalanche

How to Survive an Avalanche?

If the ground beneath you suddenly begins to shake, you will enjoy the fresh mountain air and powder snow. If you live in a country where autumn is frequent, you know exactly what to do in order not to get wet in the snow in a matter of minutes, and how to react quickly. There are many avalanche survival tips and techniques you can use to avoid situations in which storms can occur. But if you find yourself in such a situation, you can do it.

What to Do in an Avalanche?

  • The escape. The victims often avalanche themselves. So sometimes the ground starts to fall to your feet. In this case, start with a line and jump off the ground. Landslides are so fast that they cannot respond properly. But it needs to be done.
  • Keep away from storms. What to do in case of an avalanche? It doesn’t matter if a blizzard begins above or below you, you need to step aside. without a doubt. Avoid blizzards as soon as possible. If the blizzard starts much higher than you, you will have more time to get out of the blizzard and you will not be able to get through it. In the middle of the river, the eyes move faster, and the concentration of snow increases.
  • Remove all heavy objects to survive an avalanche. You want your body to be able to lose weight. So throw away things, things, and other heavy things. This increases the chances of avoiding snow. Needless to say, emergency equipment such as radio transmitters, sensors, and snow shovels were not scrapped to survive the avalanche. It’s easy to find anyone who knows how to find things in the snow. This way you will increase your chances of seeing him with gloves and other clean items.
  • Catch If landslides are imminent, try large rocks or sturdy trees. If the avalanche is small or in the middle of an avalanche, you can stay there until the avalanche disappears. When you lose what you have, fall as often as possible. This makes it a little deeper under an avalanche or snow
  • What to do during an avalanche? If an avalanche is likely to occur, try additional rocks and trees. If there is little snow or during a blizzard, you can stay there until the snow disappears. If you fall too hard, you may lose things. It is made deeper into blizzards and snow. Be aware that landslides can damage most rocks and trees.

Why Are Avalanches Dangerous?

what to do during an avalanche

Snow can damage concrete and concrete buildings, power lines, and even roads. recreation areas.

What to Do If You Stuck in an Avalanche?

  1. Cover your nose and mouth with a shirt or hat to prevent snow from falling.
  2. To form a group: Take a horizontal position, direct the ice stream and point your knees towards your stomach.
  3. How to survive being buried in an avalanche? Make as much white space as possible in front of your face in circular motions on your head.
  4. When the snow stops, go outside or raise your hand to inform the rescuer.
  5. What to do if caught in an avalanche? Do not shout when entering the skating rink. Ice completely absorbs minor sounds, noise, and movement, but only takes energy, oxygen and heat.
  6. Be sure to move and keep warm.
  7. Don’t lose spirituality. If possible, ask your loved one for help. Don’t put yourself or others to sleep. Remember, they are looking for you. In some cases, he was saved from an avalanche on the 5th or 13th.

Hope these avalanche survival tips will help! Conflicting truths can be recalled in an emergency. However, a discipline that is a combination of good “stable” behavior can increase the likelihood of overcoming many of the difficulties of survival. We help ourselves by helping others.

What to Do If You Stuck in an Avalanche?

  • The speed of an avalanche can reach 300-350 km / h, which means that it is faster than a Formula 1 car. The greatest damage is caused by the effect of radio waves in front of the avalanche, and not by the snowball itself. On average, about 150 people die from avalanches worldwide every year.
  • On December 5, 1935, the largest landslide occurred in Russia. I was in the Khibiny Mountains on the Kobe Peninsula. Below the collapse is a mining village. 88 people died.
  • The reason for the avalanche is that the snow begins to melt under its own weight and rolls down the slope. Movement can begin with little external influence. Earthquakes are especially dangerous. Even a small gust of wind is enough for a lot of snow to fall.
  • The reason for the avalanche is that the snow begins to melt under its own weight and rolls down the slope. Movement can begin with little external influence. Earthquakes are especially dangerous. Thick snow begins to fall even in light winds.
  • Information about the ocean has been around for a long time. For example, in 218 BC, Hannibal’s army of Carthaginian generals crossed the Alps and fell into a blizzard. Many soldiers died. During the First World War, the number of victims of waterlogging in the Alps exceeded the number of people killed in hostilities in the same region.

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