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NWDEarthquakesA Six-Point Earthquake Was Recorded on the Greek Island of Crete Hits Crete

A Six-Point Earthquake Was Recorded on the Greek Island of Crete Hits Crete

Six-Point Earthquake on the Greek Island

On the morning of September 27, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 hit the Greek island of Crete. According to witnesses, the incident started at 9:17 am and lasted several minutes. The epicenter was located 78 kilometers from the capital of Heraklion but was felt throughout the Crete island.

Greek Island of Crete Hits Crete

According to the local newspaper, one resident was killed and nine people were injured. During the earthquake, a 62-year-old builder was inside a church, busy with its restoration. At the time of seismic activity, he tragically died crushing by the falling dome of the building. At that moment, his 30-year-old son was with him, who helped with his work. The guy suddenly saw his father disappear under the rubble. Rushing to help, he himself suffered. At the same time, seven out of nine wounded have minor abrasions, and two have fractures. They were taken to hospitals and local medical centers.

One Person Was Killed During an Earthquake That Hit Greece on Monday

Later, the fire service center noted that in the neighboring villages, multiple destructions are observed. Some citizens were trapped in one of the pharmacies, they were safely taken out of the building by rescuers.

Information about the damage is just beginning to come in, the victims and the injured are still unknown and a lot of building facades have been destroyed.

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