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A Rare Underwater Tornado Was Seen Off the Coast of Australia

underwater tornado

The spectacular underwater whirlwind was captured deep in the sea off Moore Reef in Queensland, Australia.

A team of scientists from the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SCI) conducted research on the seafloor using a deep-sea robot. Australian marine geologists watched the broadcast from the robot’s cameras and explained how unusual the vortex that swept through the seafloor.

The phenomenon refers to benthic storms, deep storms whose origin has not been fully clarified yet. Scientists assume that they are caused by surface currents colliding with cold masses of water coming from the poles. It has been observed that the most powerful underwater storms occur in the Antarctic area.

Specialists believe that this is a benthic tornado. The development of an underwater tornado is based on the same principle as the occurrence of dust and fire tornadoes. The difference in temperature and the strength of submarine currents play an important role here.

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