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A New Kind of Lightning, Which Is a Thousand Times Brighter than Usual


The U.S. National Laboratories identified a new type of lightning by intense lightning strikes, which is a thousand times greater than conventional lightning strikes. It is a new type, which is much stronger than simple lightning strikes.

These lightning strikes were first reported in the 1970s, and they were brighter and stronger than ordinary lightning strikes more than 100 times. In order to measure the strength of the most powerful lightning, specialists used special satellites.

NASA data, which were installed on meteorological satellites that were sent into orbit to detect lightning flashes every two milliseconds were handed over to the experts for analysis. The instruments detected the force of ground impacts and the overall brightness of the lightning.

The data showed that every 300th lightning strike is incredibly strong compared to other lightning strikes. The force of such lightning is three terawatts of power. This value is several thousand times greater than that of a normal lightning strike. Data collected and studies have shown that super lightning is a different type of lightning. Interestingly, the most powerful strikes, which had 350 gigawatts of energy, were due to positively charged particles, while a normal lightning strike was due to negatively charged particles. These lightning strikes can be seen over the ocean and at a distance of hundreds of kilometers horizontally.

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