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A Lot of Rescue Organizations Face a Record Number of Climate Related

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The Asia-Pacific region is much more prone to natural disasters than other parts of the world. In 2019, more than 95 million people were affected.

Currently, the number of disasters is higher than in the past and continues to grow. IFRC has assisted in 25 climate-related disasters in the Asia-Pacific region. They have faced extreme drought, cold, typhoons, and flooding.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent faced 30 major disasters in 2020, only one less than last year.

They say unstable weather and climate change are causing more disasters.

Teams face deadly consequences and respond quickly to global disasters such as floods, storms, and other extreme weather changes.

The most active disaster zones this year was South East Asia. There were as many as 15 rescue operations during the floods and tsunamis that severely impacted the lives of 30 million people in the Philippines and Vietnam. All operations take place during the COVID-19 pandemic, which creates difficult conditions for successful rescues. Teams must not only help affected people in extreme situations but also take steps to prevent the virus from spreading. Although many people are used to such climatic conditions, this year was the most difficult in history.

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