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Tornadoes Mar.12.2020

A devastating tornado swept through northern Texas


Smerch and tornadoes are powerful funnel-shaped vortices that rotate at rabid speed. They descend from a heap-rain cloud in the form of conical funnels that narrow towards the ground.

The tornado can reach a height of 10 km. The diameter of the widest part of the funnel is over 50 km. The tornado makes a sound like the rumbling of a train or the noise of a waterfall when approaching. He draws small and large objects on his way.

One of these was recently formed near Texas.

A violent storm accompanied by a tornado passed through the American state of Texas on Thursday. Some buildings, trees and power lines were damaged.

The tornado passed through the countryside about 128 km from northwest of Fort Worth. The U.S. National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado had formed in Wise County in Thursday. The tornado occurred near the towns of Elvard and Chico.

About 500 consumers were left without electricity. There’s been no reports of casualties.

So How high is damage from tornado can be?

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