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Interesting Mar.02.2020

5 deadliest natural disasters of the decade

volcano erruption

The climate is a new phobia of humans. People changing the climate of our planet and natural disasters sometimes happens in case of this changing. Let’s review the most powerful and dangerous natural disasters of the decade.

Heat in the Europe

heat in the europe

In August of 2003, Europe was shocked in case of anomaly heat that started there. A lot of damage was inflicted on such countries as France, Germany, and Switzerland. More than 35000 people died in the case of this awful heat. Most of them were citizens of France.

Earthquake in Iran

earthquake iran

In the December of the same 2003 year, the most powerful earthquake In Iran history happened. The city called Bam was destroyed and more than 50000 people died in the case of this earthquake. It’s one of the saddest days in Iran and muslims people’s history.

Tsunami in the Indian ocean

tsunami in the indian ocean

This tsunami was created in the case of an underwater earthquake in the Indian Ocean and still the most powerful and deadliest natural disaster on the planet at this moment. Such countries as Indonesia, Sri-Lanka, Thailand, and Myanmar were at the epicenter of this natural disaster. Not only citizens of these countries but also tourists that come all over the world were in danger. The height of the waves was more than 15 meters. And these waves taken more than 500 000 human lives, changed the location of islands, and their height above the water.

Hurricane “Katherine”

hurricane aftermath

In August 2005 the USA was at the epicenter of the most powerful hurricane in the history of the country. A lot of damage was taken by the New Orlean. One of the biggest cities in Lousiana. The hurricane killed more than 1500 citizens of the USA and the economic damage was more than 80 milliard dollars.

Earthquake in Pakistan

earthquake aftermath in pakistan

Earthquake in Kashmir at Pakistan territory is the most awful earthquake of the century in Asia history. Whole cities were destroyed and more than 70000 human lives were taken by this earthquake.

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