NWDHeat and Cold40-Degree Frosts in Northeast China

40-Degree Frosts in Northeast China

40 degree frost

The north-eastern part of China was covered by the cold front according to media reports. The air temperature has dropped to -40 degrees Celsius in some places.

Extremely low temperatures are observed in Heilongjiang in northeast China.

The local meteorological center issued a “blue” meteorological warning because of approaching frosts in Mohe in Heilongjiang.Temperatures in some regions have dropped by 15°C in two days and the lowest temperature is -40°C in Luoghuhe village.

It should be noted that the temperature was so low that fruit turned from fresh to frozen at one of the markets.

Locals and travellers rejoiced at the frosty weather despite a sudden cold spell. Some sprayed hot water which immediately became icy crystals.

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3 months ago

What a bitter cold! How do they survive there at this temperature??

1 month ago
Reply to  Violet
Dress warmly and try not to leave the house

Heat and Cold

40 degree frost

40-Degree Frosts in Northeast China

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