NWDDroughts2021 Is the 2nd Driest Season in the History of California: DWR Report

2021 Is the 2nd Driest Season in the History of California: DWR Report

Driest Season in the History of California

According to an annual report from the California Department of Water Resources, the state received less than half of the average annual rainfall and snowfall, making the 2020-2021 season the second one in California Droughts history. This hottest year without water has exacerbated the fires.

California Department of Water Resources

The drought prevention efforts made in May did not work. Residents had to voluntarily reduce their water consumption by 10-15% to help maintain water balance for industrial purposes. In August, farmers also received restrictions on access to water. However, at the moment, the water in the reservoirs has already dropped below the norm and the situation is not improving every day. State residents and local authorities are sounding the alarm and warning of the dire consequences of the drought. Experts are also worried because the rainy season should have started, but California is still on fire. Rain is predicted by the end of the week, which would not change the situation for the better, but would be the first important step towards changing the situation in general!

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