NWDFloods2 Death, Evacuated People & Lost Crops Due to Danger Floods in Northern Spain

2 Death, Evacuated People & Lost Crops Due to Danger Floods in Northern Spain

Floods in Northern Spain

On December 13, more than 50 people were evacuated in areas in northern Spain. It was caused by the catastrophic floods that occurred due to heavy rain and snow.

The disasters began on Friday evening and there are already two deaths. The threat has not yet passed and serious weather warnings are in effect in many regions. A village near the Ebro River was evacuated due to a spill that could cause flooding at any time. The water level in the river is up to 27 feet (8.5 m), breaking the record set during the terrible flood in 2015. The meteorological services do not give forecasts about the end of the natural disaster, but the damage caused by the flood on Tuesday has already been estimated – almost all the vegetable crops in the fields could not be saved. According to the official version, the flooding was caused by a combination of a severe storm lasting several days and melting snow.

Yesterday, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, during his conference, linked the flooding to the growing impact of climate change in the Iberian Peninsula. He also announced that the authorities would provide special emergency funds for hurricane-hit areas to support all those affected!

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