NWDInteresting100 Whales Were Killed In New Zealand

100 Whales Were Killed In New Zealand

dead whale

According to the Department of Environment of New Zealand, 97 whale pilots and three dolphins died in a few days on the islands of the Chatham Archipelago.

In 800 km from the east coast of New Zealand on the remote islands of Chatham, there was a mass release of marine animals on the shore. Most of them were seen at the weekend, rescue work couldn`t be completed because of the remoteness of the archipelago.

When rescuers arrived at the scene, only 26 whales were still alive – most of them looked weak, some of the animals suffered because of the stormy sea conditions. Large white sharks were also seen in the water, which was brought to the ground.

Mass discharges of marine mammals to shore on the Chatham Islands are quite frequent. In 1918, during the largest known incident, up to 1 thousand animals were killed.

Throughout the history of observations recorded emissions of whales on the coast, marine biologists have been looking for years to answer the question of why the animals are off course.

Recall that in late September, several hundred whales were in shallow waters off the coast of Australia – dozens of animals managed to return back to the ocean.

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