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NWDInteresting10 Facts about Nature

10 Facts about Nature

Fact 1

Humanity still knows only a tiny part of the information about wildlife and weird nature facts. Scientists estimate that the number of different kinds of living creatures on Earth can reach – one trillion! New and new species are constantly being discovered, but science has so far studied and described less than 0.001% of them. However, the majority of all this species diversity is due to various microorganisms, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. There are so many interesting things in nature in our world.

Fact 2

The most resilient creatures in the world of wildlife are the tardigrade. There are 400 species of these tiny multicellular creatures in the world, 120 of which are found in Russia. Under unfavorable conditions, they are able to slow down their metabolism by 10,000 times, lose 99% of moisture without harming themselves, exist in the atmosphere of poisonous gases, survive 20 months at -193 ° C, and tolerate a dose of radiation that is 1000 times more lethal for humans. They survive even in a cosmic vacuum, falling into antibiosis. One of the amazing facts about nature.

Fact 3

strange nature facts

Our planet is a complex ecosystem in a fragile balance. All elements of wildlife are interconnected, and they depend on each other. Cut down the forest, and the animals that inhabit it will disappear. After them, the insects that lived in the soil will disappear, and after them, the birds that eat them. To break this balance is easy, but it is very difficult to restore it.

Fact 4

Evolutionary processes have never stopped, they are still going on today, just so slowly that we do not notice it. Wildlife is variable – some species of creatures are extinct, while others appear. However, because of the man-made impact of civilization, negative processes prevail over positive ones.

Fact 5

The largest number of animals on Earth are shrimp or rather an Antarctic krill. These creatures are found only in the Southern Ocean, and their total mass is estimated at about 750,000,000 tons – a record figure in wildlife. Every year, people catch up to 500,000 tons of krill, but the number of its population is not affected.

Fact 6

We present the following strange natural fact. Nature is usually conditionally divided into living and non-living, but there are also creatures on Earth that occupy an intermediate position. These are viruses that are not alive but also not dead. At the same time, they do not know how to reproduce themselves – they need to get into the cell of some organism to do this.

Fact 7

weird nature facts

The most capacious repository of information in the world is DNA, of which all organisms are composed. Wildlife has created a perfect repository of information – 1 gram of DNA can contain up to 700 TB of data, more than any hard drive currently in existence. Scientists are even developing an artificial repository of information that would be something like a giant DNA molecule, only artificial. This is one of the most interesting facts about nature and the human body.

Fact 8

The next cool nature facts will delight you. While people are looking for the key to immortality, wildlife has created itself. The only biologically immortal creature on Earth can be called a jellyfish Turritopsis Nutricula. These creatures, like all other jellyfish, develop out of polyp, but once its life cycle in the form of jellyfish comes to an end, it does not die like all others. Instead, Turritopsis Nutricula falls to the bottom and again turns into a polyp, thus restarting the cycle. In theory, these creatures can live forever, but in practice, they are actively eaten by other inhabitants of the water column in the seas and oceans.

Fact 9

The strongest creatures in the world are ordinary ants. Wildlife has adapted them to carry weight tens of times their own. If we humans were as strong as they are, we could carry loads of 3-5 tons.

Fact 10

A great number of different kinds of living creatures on Earth. For example, there are about 1.000.000 species of bacteria, more than 44.000 species of spiders, about 165.000 species of butterflies. Birds are slightly smaller – about 11.000 species, and fish – about 35.000. And these are only the species that have already been described by scientists! But hardly accessible corners of our planet persistently keep their secrets. The further we step into the future, the more we learn fun facts about nature.

Our world is full of mysteries that we have to learn. If you look closely, there are a lot of secret and interesting things in the world. Stay with us to learn more.

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6 months ago

Great article! It was so interesting to reading this one.

I need more articles like that where a lot of different information in one page 🙂


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