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10 Biggest Hurricanes in the History

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Hurricane of fifth Category “Camille has brought its power to the United States. Meteorologists tried to measure its speed before the storm hit Mississippi but without success. “The Camille was formed on the west coast of Africa in 1969. Meteorologists were able to measure wind speed to 185 km/h after 10 days it was formed. The speed dropped when the hurricane passed Cuba to 155 km/h. They hoped the hurricane would be humbled and weakened as it moved south, but their hopes were unsuccessful. The hurricane regained its destructive power after crossing the Gulf of Mexico.

No one could measure the speed and strength of the hurricane the next day. The storm’s eye was 19 kilometers when Camilla reached the city of St. Louis Bay. The state of Virginia experienced the worst flooding in history. It lasted 800 millimeters per hour. Wind speeds may have exceeded 350 km/h, but the answer to that question remained unknown. All the meteorological instruments were destroyed, so the true power of the storm could not be measured.

The consequences of the natural phenomenon were severe and devastating. Over 130 bridges and thousands of houses were destroyed by water. 260 residents of the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Virginia were lost, 115 of them drowned. The flood caused damage to 8,935 residents. Trees were torn up by natural disasters and rains, roads were destroyed and blocked, and water streams turned them into canals. Damage from the natural disaster and the worst hurricane is estimated at $6.5 billion.

San Calixto or Great Hurricane

The year 1780 was unthinkable for the Caribbean Archipelago. The great hurricane took the lives of 20,000 people, maybe more. It was a tropical cyclone of enormous power. It destroyed up to 90% of all buildings in Haiti and touched the territory from Newfoundland Island to Barbados. The hurricane caused devastating tsunamis, which reached 6-7 meters high. Many ships were submerged, including the English and French flotilla during the U.S. civil war. A lot of ships were stranded. According to meteorologists, wind speed reached 340 kilometers per hour. Heavy winds plucked the bark from tree trunks before they were pulled from the ground.



Hurricane of the highest category. Mortal elements took the lives of Hondurans, Salvadorans, Nicaraguans. The worst hurricane killed 19,000 people. Strong winds, tidal waves that rose to 7 meters in height, and mudflows became fatal for people. Hurricane Mitch dealt a deadly blow to the Atlantic Bessel in the fall of 1998. Its consequences affected the growth of infectious diseases and left more than a million people without a home, forced people to look for drinking water and medical supplies.

The most destructive and one of the most deadly hurricanes ever recorded in human history. The east coast of the United States experienced a major disaster in 2005. Over 85% of New Orleans was underwater. Residents didn’t have time to prepare, despite all the media. 700 people remain missing, 1,840 people died and $85 billion was lost. The situation was advantageous to thieves and looters, who rushed to take advantage of the situation. The police were powerless, and the riots continued, which lowered President George W. Bush’s rating to 37%. Hurricane Katrina left a serious imprint on history.


Part of South Florida, the Bahamas, and southwest Louisiana suffered losses and destruction from Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Officially, the damage is estimated at $27 billion, but many believe it actually amounted to at least 33 billion. About 25 people died from direct contact with the hurricane and 40 from its effects.

Bhola Cyclone

hurricane beach

This cyclone is different from its past colleagues. It’s assigned a third category of strange. The peculiarity and power of this storm was a huge amount of precipitation. It washed villages and crops off the face of the earth. The wind speed was relatively low, but it still killed 400-500 thousand people in eastern Pakistan and western India during its peak on November 12, 1970. The exact number of deaths remains unknown.


This is the case when people managed to prevent the deadly consequences of the disaster. Meteorologists knew Kenna’s trajectory in advance, and no one died. 13,000 people in San Blas were evacuated before the hurricane reached them. And the hurricane was classified as the fifth category. In the fall of 2002, it reached the city of Nayarit. The wind force was over 260 kilometers per hour, and the waves reached a height of 5 meters. 75% of all buildings in the village of San Blas were almost destroyed, along with electric pedestrian lines and access roads. All the ships that tried to wait for the hurricane in the port were thrown ashore. Kenna remains one of the worst hurricanes in history, despite the small number of consequences.


cloud hurricane

This hurricane is the deadliest in the United States, despite the fourth category. It caused damage estimated at $22 million at the rate of 1900. It destroyed about 3500 homes and took the lives of about 5,000 people in the Texas city of Galveston on September 8, 1900. The wind speed was about 220 kilometers per hour.


Destructive consequences for a paradise place on earth. The small island of Hawaii was worth about two billion dollars in damage. The wind speed reached 240 kilometers per hour during the worst hurricane on the island. Only six people died on Sept. 11, 1992.

Typhoon Nina

There are a huge number of dams in China, so typhoon Nina decided to test them in 1975. His destructive wind power destroyed the Banquiao platinum and streams of water flooded into human habitats. The number of victims ranges from 120,000 to 240,000.

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2 months ago

this is cool to see it is also sad that the people died it the hurricane


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