Evacuations in Montana due to Rapid Wildfires Started in the Last 24 Hours

Rapid Wildfires Montana


Istanbul, Turkey storm killed people

Extreme Storm Killed 6 People & Injured People in Istanbul, Turkey

The 1839 Coringa Cyclone

The 1839 India Cyclone Destroyed The Bustling City Of Coringa And Here Is What Really Occurred

Storm Arwen Killed Three People in the UK

UK Faces Dire Arwen Storm that Took Three Lives and Paralyzed Roads


Earthquake Leaves Injured and Destroys Homes in Peru

Earthquake with Magnitude 7.5 Strikes Peru: Injured People & Destroyed Homes

Northern Peru was hit by A 7.5 magnitude earthquake on Sunday. Peru and earthquakes have been quite common since the 20th century, but a new...

November 30, 2021
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Rapid Wildfires Montana

Evacuations in Montana due to Rapid Wildfires Started in the Last 24 Hours

Santa Ana Winds Make a Serious Danger

Southern California Is in Fire Dander due to Santa Ana Winds

Strong Storm Extinguished the Wildfire in California

Record Rainfall Due to Storm in California: Is October Drought Season Over

Volcano Mount Aso in Japan Erupted on October, 20:

Mount Aso Volcano in Japan Erupted on October, 20: No Victims Among the Population

Wildfire Coast of Santa Barbara, California

Danger Wildfire along the Coast of Santa Barbara, California on October 2021

Situation In Turkey Now

Turkey Fire: How It All Began, Who Is Guilty And The Situation In Turkey Now


Snowfall, Rain, Storm in Spain

Spain Became a Hostage to Winter Storms: Heavy Snow and Rain in 8 Regions

Flooding and Climate Change: Everything You Need to Know

Rivers Are Rising due to Climate Change and All World Is in Danger

Canada Border Towns Assess Damage From Devastating Floods

Residents of Sumas (US) & British Columbia (Canada) Were Evacuated Due to Floods

What to do

Tornado Safety Tips

Tornado Safety Tips: What Do You Need to Survive a Tornado? Read Our Guide!

Extremely Hot Weather: How Does Extreme Hot Weather Affect the Human Body?

How to Survive Extreme Heat: Life Hacks for Feeling Good in Extremely Hot Weather

what not to do durian a hurricane

What to Do before, during, and after a Hurricane: Read Our Guide Now to Know More!


dengue in pakistan 2015

The History Of Dengue Fever In Pakistan & The Use Of A Vaccine

Throughout history, the world has experienced many outbreaks of diseases that have mutated to killing an abnormally large amount of people at a time. These...

November 29, 2021


Germany Will Support Climate Insurance in Africa

Fight against Climate Disasters in Africa: Germany Announces €18m Support

What Is Ecological Terrorism

What Is Ecological Terrorism or Ecoterrorism? Who Are Environmental Terrorists?

physical symptoms of solar flares

Magnetic Storms: The Nature and Effects! Who Should Worry and How to Protect Yourself?