What Are the Effects of a Tsunami? Tsunamis Impact on the Environment and People

Dangerous Tsunami Impacts


Extremely Hot Weather: How Does Extreme Hot Weather Affect the Human Body?

How to Survive Extreme Heat: Life Hacks for Feeling Good in Extremely Hot Weather

Campi Flegrei Supervolcano

Phlegraean Fields: The Death of Europe! Dangerous Campi Flegrei Supervolcano

path of hurricane ivan

Ivan Hurricane Year 2004 Facts: What Was the Path of Hurricane Ivan 2004?


Information about Landslides

What Causes Landslides? The Most Important and Interesting Landslide Information

Important Landslide Information Landslides and mudslides are moving masses of rock and mud with soil. Usually, it consists of loose soil, which is no longer...

July 26, 2021
sputnik sputnik


What Kind of Volcano Is Stromboli

It Is Erupting! Read Now to Know the Most Exciting Stromboli Volcano Facts

causes of wildfires

Within Seconds! Read to Know Speed of Wildfire and the Main Causes of Wildfires

how loud was krakatoa

That Was So Loud! Krakatoa Eruption Facts: The Deadliest Eruption in Indonesia in 1883

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7 Pompeii Information Facts: What Was Pompeii Daily Life in an Ancient Roman City?

most active volcano in italy

They Are Active! What Are the Most Active Volcanoes in Italy? TOP-5 List of NWD Blog

etna volcano eruption

Etna Volcano in Sicily Italy: The Most Interesting Facts about Etna Volcano


Dangerous Tsunami Impacts

What Are the Effects of a Tsunami? Tsunamis Impact on the Environment and People

houston weather flooding map

What Areas Flooded in Houston? Hurricane Harvey Caused Flooding in Houston

japan tsunami 2011

The Most Interesting Facts about Japanese Earthquakes and Tsunami 2011

What to do

Tornado Safety Tips

Tornado Safety Tips: What Do You Need to Survive a Tornado? Read Our Guide!

what not to do durian a hurricane

What to Do before, during, and after a Hurricane: Read Our Guide Now to Know More!

volcano safety

Look Out! Volcanic Eruption Is Coming! How to Prepare for a Volcanic Eruption? Read Here NOW!


hydro bombs

How Strong Is a Hydrogen Bomb: Everything You Need to Know about This Destructive Weapon

The Most Interesting and Threatening Hydrogen Bomb Facts Hydro bombs are the most terrifying weapon of mass destructive power. The theoretical possibility of obtaining energy...

May 31, 2021


Pros and Cons of Deforestation

Save the Planet! Positive and Negative Consequences of Deforestation for Us

dangers of living close to power lines

To Live or Not to Live: The Danger of Living Near High Voltage Power Lines

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Songs about Hurricanes: Read and Listen to Our List of Songs about Storms and Rain!